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Missouri lawmakers send new redistricting proposal to voters

Missouri’s Republican-led Legislature has sent a ballot proposal to voters asking them to reconsider their earlier backing of a redistricting system that stresses fairness and competitiveness over everything else. Missourians in 2018 voted to make “partisan fairness” and “competitiveness” the ...

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Missouri Republicans revive push to change redistricting

After weeks off work over concerns about the coronavirus pandemic, Missouri’s Republican-led Legislature is once again making a push to change state redistricting rules. A House committee advanced the proposal, which would ask voters yet again to change redistricting rules. ...

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Missouri donation limits rise for legislative candidates

Candidates running for the Missouri Legislature will be able to accept a few more dollars from their donors. The Missouri Ethics Commission said the campaign contribution limit for state Senate candidates is rising from $2,500 per election to $2,559, and ...

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Redistricting, violence top issues for Missouri lawmakers

Missouri lawmakers returned to the Capitol Wednesday to start work on issues ranging from an overhaul of the voter-approved redistricting plan to combating violence in the state’s biggest cities. Republican leaders of the House and Senate said a top priority ...

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Last day

In a friendly debate over the constitutionality of an upcoming bill, Rep. Chris Kelly, D-Columbia, left, and Rep. Tim Jones, R-Eureka, both lawyers, don't let their disagreement get acrimonious as the last day of the legislative session runs its course Friday in Jefferson City. Photo by Karen Elshout

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Legislative victory in 2009 gives Bar a goal for 2010

Fresh off the success of finally passing an omnibus judiciary bill in 2009, one of The Missouri Bar's top legislative priorities for 2010 is to fix an unforeseen glitch from last year's good intentions.

The omnibus bill, which Gov. Jay Nixon signed into law, included a long-sought-after provision redacting Social Security numbers and other identification information in certain court documents.

Catherine Barrie, senior legislative counsel for the bar, said it was a step in the right direction to protect citizens' privacy. However, the bill had the unintended consequence of interfering with garnishment enforcement.

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