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St. Louis Circuit Court • Division 27

Nov 30, 2016  •  9:30 No. Case Number Plaintiff   V  Defendant Case Type 1. 22060‑00820 BENEFICIAL MORTGAGE CO VS BACON AC BREACH OF CONTRACT 2. 1322‑AC01503 W W GRAINGER INC V CLIFFORD BARRINGER AC Suit on Account 3. 1522‑AC08465‑01 ARNETT F RAMSEY V RODNEY SCALES AC MISC ASSOCIATE CIVIL‑OTHER 4. 1622‑AC04079 BUDGET RENT A CAR  V ESTELLE HITE AC Breach of Contract 5. 1622‑AC04953 CAVALRY SPV I LLC V AMY MELEY ET AL AC SUIT ON ACCOUNT 6. 1622‑AC05380 AMERICAN EXPRESS ...

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